Lang Youth Medical Program

Enrichment Activities

All Lang Youth Scholars and Staff attend an annual retreat at the beginning of each academic year. At the retreat, Scholars set team goals, work on improving their communication skills, and strengthen their team dynamic.

Outward Bound

Rising 8th graders spend a few days of their summer program on a backpacking trip sponsored by Outward Bound.

The Scholars spend this time building unity and learning important lessons about teamwork, communication, as well as cultural competency.

Academic Success

After-school tutoring by volunteer medical students from Columbia University is provided twice a week. Academic Success provides a safe and quiet study environment, opportunities for experienced, successful students to share learning and study strategies with the Scholars, and opportunities for peer teaching and learning. It is mandatory for Phase I Scholars to attend at least one session each week as well as those Scholars whose grade point average or grade in any class drops below an 80% in any semester (unless they are receiving individual tutoring.) It is open to all Scholars who would like to attend.


It takes more than academic rigor to cultivate talented young professionals. With that in mind, extracurricular clubs are infused into the Lang Youth experience. They are a perfect complement to the educational goals and endeavors of the Lang Youth Program, as they provide our students with a well-rounded educational experience. All Phase I Scholars are required to participate in one club each year. Clubs meet once a month and Doctors in Training and Boys & Girls Club.


Advisors and volunteers offer two day courses on topics that are fun and engaging while building a particular set of skills or enriching Scholars' cultural competencies. The themes vary depending oA group of children laying in a circle exercisingn advisor expertise and Scholars are able to rank their preferred electives and a concerted effort is placed into matching them up with their interests. Past offerings include: acting, cupcake decorating, fashion design, how to stay fit.

Incentive Trips

These trips are recreational in nature and are a privilege for Scholars who are demonstrating a commitment to the program and successfully fulfilling their responsibilities. There are two incentive trips each year.

New York City Explorerslang Youth Student posing in front of the LOVE statue

NYC Explorers is an optional club during summer program that takes Lang Youth Scholars on multiple cultural trips throughout New York City. Scholars have done salsa dancing in Union Square, movie watching at Bryant Park, yoga in the park, and many other activities. All programs are free of charge and are offered through various NYC organizations.