Community Programs and Services

NewYork-Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network

The Family Peace Trauma Treatment Center (FPTTC)


FPTTC Services

The FPTTC offers trauma-informed, culturally responsive services to help families heal. Mental health professionals trained in early childhood trauma offer interventions in the individual's primary language (English or Spanish).

Holistic Mental Health Services:

  • Traditional psychotherapy/ Child-Parent psychotherapy (CPP)
  • Creative arts and integrative therapies (music, art, yoga, EMDR)
  • Groups (spirituality, parenting, healthy relationships, nutrition)
  • Case management, crime victims' assistance
  • On-site trauma-informed legal services
  • On-site chaplaincy (spiritual counseling)
  • On-site psychiatry


Outreach: The FPTTC has an extensive history of collaboration with community partners. The FPTTC participates in the Washington Heights/Inwood Coalition Against Interpersonal and Domestic Violence (WHICAIDV), is a member of Harlem's Upper Manhattan Domestic Violence Services Collaborative, and serves as an offsite partner for the NYC Manhattan Family Justice Center operated by the Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence.

These networks include a comprehensive range of CBOs and government agencies, all working to educate and promote awareness to end violence in the home, provide policy advocacy at all levels to end domestic violence, enhance resources and provide "one-stop" access to services for families impacted by domestic violence. 

Education/Training: The FPTTC is committed to training and education within NYP and the community. Through our community partnerships and participation in coalitions focused on domestic violence, the FPTTC has offered training throughout New York City to employees of Community-Based Organizations (CBO) and government agencies.

The program has provided training to service providers and medical professionals on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Trauma-Informed Systems of Care, the impact of trauma on young children, and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and OB residents and interns are trained on how to effectively screen for IPV and trauma and deliver trauma-informed medical care.