Choosing Healthy and Active Lifestyles for Kids

NewYork-Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network

CHALK Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids

10 Healthy Habits

  1. Be physically active every day
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit every day
  3. Get enough sleep and eat breakfast
  4. Switch to low-fat (1% or less) milk, cheese, and yogurt
  5. Do something healthy every day that makes you feel good
  6. Drink water instead of soda or juice
  7. Turn off the screens and live your life
  8. Snack on healthy foods
  9. Eat smaller amounts
  10. Eat less fast food

CHALK's 10 Healthy Habits are small by themselves, but if done together they add up to a healthy lifestyle. The 10 Healthy Habits are based on the 8 Habits of Healthy Kids™ adapted with permission from Healthy Directions and its Healthy Children Healthy Futures program. NYP CHALK’s 10 Healthy Habits were adapted by community members of Northern Manhattan to ensure that their message is culturally and linguistically sensitive and appropriate. We promote these habits each month in our schools, in our outpatient practices, and in the community through NYP CHALK’s diverse partnerships.