Medical Supply Donations

As a world-class academic medical center, we are committed to pursuing advancements that improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency. As a result, the hospital often phases out equipment and supplies which still can still be used to provide health services to those in need. The organization is committed to ensuring these items are diverted from landfills. NewYork-Presbyterian is proud to work closely with The Afya Foundation, an organization which rescues no-longer-needed items from hospitals and delivers them to humanitarian efforts in the community and overseas.

Since establishing our relationship with Afya, NewYork-Presbyterian’s Procurement & Strategic Sourcing team has helped to divert more than 340,000 pounds of useable medical supplies and equipment to humanitarian efforts across the globe.

To learn more about NYP’s supply donation procedures, please reference hospital policy E160.

If you are a member of the community and would like to donate medical supplies to a local nonprofit, we encourage you to reach out to the Afya Foundation, our supply donation partner. They may be able to accept no longer needed medical supplies and route them to humanitarian efforts locally or abroad. You can click this link to learn more and to reach out to them directly.

A woman holding green item donationsSort-A-Thon Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, NewYork-Presbyterian employees join volunteers from across the tristate area to sort, catalog, and pack medical supplies that have been recovered by The Afya Foundation. Once packed, these supplies are shipped to Afya’s public health partners to promote humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts locally and across the globe. If you are interested in setting up a pack-a-thon event, or for more information about volunteer opportunities please contact [email protected].

Donations of Supplies for Medical Missions

NewYork-Presbyterian Green Team posing for a photo

NewYork-Presbyterian is unable to make in-kind donations of supplies for medical missions. If you are traveling on a medical mission, family vacation, or are part of a group volunteer trip abroad you may be interested in the Afya Foundation’s Luggage for Life program. Contact [email protected] to learn more about the Luggage for Life program.

Donating Personal Items

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is unable to accept donations of medical supplies or equipment from individuals. If you have personal medical items that you wish to donate, please contact the Afya Foundation at [email protected] to learn about drop off locations near you.