Waste Minimization


NYP’s waste strategy begins with reducing the volume of materials the hospital consumes. We are committed to leveraging our buying power to encourage suppliers to adopt sustainable sourcing, packaging, and delivery practices. Through NYPgreen the institution sets delivery reduction targets annually, working with vendors to promote environmentally friendly packaging and delivery methods including the use of reusable totes and plastic pallets.

The NYPgreen certification program encourages Project Managers across the enterprise to consider and quantify the environmental impact of the projects they lead. By doing so, project leaders are prompted to contemplate process design from a sustainability lens, which allows for increased project buy-in and a deeper overall impact within the organization. By making such assessments during concept phase, a project team is better equipped to make adjustments and tap into NYPgreen resources to minimize a project’s impact on the environment.


When products come to the end of their first life, NYP actively assesses viability for restoration or reuse. To do so, the hospital utilizes a number of strategies including Clinical Device Reprocessing. Clinical device reprocessing is typically done by a third-party registered with and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The third-party reprocessor inspects, tests, cleans, packages, and sterilizes medical devices labeled for single-use. The quality, physical characteristics, and performance functions of these devices are not significantly affected and the devices remains safe and effective for their appropriate clinical use. By identifying specific devices for reprocessing, NYP reduces the amount of waste it generates while realizing millions of dollars in cost savings through the reduced purchase of new products.


NewYork-Presbyterian participates in a co-mingled recycling program. Non-confidential paper products, metal (including aluminum), glass, and all seven types of plastics are collected in our blue recycling bins which are placed throughout the hospital’s clinical and administrative areas. To protect the privacy of our patients and community, all confidential paper is sorted into separate locked bins for professional shredding and recycling services.

Many of our campus kitchens participate in composting efforts and we actively collect delivery pallets, batteries, and other items for recycling with our community partners.

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