Emergency Management

The NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Management program ensures the effective organizational response to incidents that affect the environment of care within the Hospital and incidents that might require a deviance from the usual day-to-day operations. The Emergency Management program is responsible for all matters related to organizational preparedness and emergency incident mitigation, response, and recovery for all campuses of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Hospital staff room at NYP emergency operation plan

The emergency operations plan is designed to provide guidelines and procedures for response to any incident using an all-hazards approach including individual authorities, staff responsibilities, and specific procedures to be activated by Hospital staff. However, resources have been created to help achieve a consistent knowledge base among all employees at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The resources provided on this site seek to continually improve skills that are critical in the event of a real emergency.

For more information, visit the NewYork-Presbyterian Infonet (Hospital network only).