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Seating & Mobility Program

If you or a loved one needs a wheelchair long-term or has other special seating needs, the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at NewYork-Presbyterian offers a dedicated program to evaluate your wheelchair seating and mobility options. Our physiatrists (rehabilitation medicine physicians) coordinate your care with our occupational therapists and physical therapists. Together we work with you, your family, and seating specialists to choose the most appropriate type of chair to improve your comfort and function.


We Get to Know You

Our team interviews you to assess your home, work, and leisure situations. We evaluate you to determine your physical and structural specifications, pain issues, and any special positioning. We may also complete specific evaluations to customize your seating.

We Give You Options

You'll often be able to try different wheelchair seating options before you make your purchase.

We Teach You

Our wheelchair seating and mobility specialists will train you how to move safely in different environments, using your new device.

We Remain Here for You

We'll schedule follow-up visits to make needed adjustments to your seating or provide any additional training. Our team will also evaluate your need for repairs, upgrades, or other changes.

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Seating & Mobility Program

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Seating & Mobility Program