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Patient Simulation Center

Our Mission

Our medical simulation lab is dedicated to enhance learning and education across all caregivers while utilizing the most advanced technology and integrating adult learning theory.

Our Vision

The medical library and simulation lab will be the epicenter for learning and training for all caregivers across NewYork-Presbyterian Queens.

About the Patient Simulation Center

The Simulation Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens was inaugurated in 2007 with a collaborative effort involving many departments throughout the hospital. The Simulation Center is the hub of simulation education throughout the hospital and is used to teach and educate medical professionals. We serve all hospital staff with a focus on communication, teamwork, and patient safety. We use the simulation equipment to offer an immersive learning experience and to continue to be an innovative and dynamic center for excellence in clinical education and learning.

About Simulation

Medical simulation has been utilized extensively for years and is an educational modality used to reinforce education and technical skills. Our physicians, nurses and other medical personnel use medical simulation to enhance techniques and teamwork in simulated scenarios. The simulation center uses a multidisciplinary approach to give health care professionals and trainees a real-world environment where we can perfect teamwork, communication, and to incorporate the latest techniques for patient care. High-fidelity simulators simulate patient’s pathologies and symptoms while being able to breathe, move their eyes, and speak. They react to doses of medication, injections, intravenous therapy, and can even go into respiratory or cardiac arrest. We use these high-fidelity simulators to perform in-situ simulations throughout the hospital. We also use task trainers and models to reinforce techniques for teaching a variety of procedures done in the hospital.


The Simulation Center supports research studies from clinical departments at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens. The center contributes to the publication of academic papers, conference presentations, and book chapters.

Training and Courses

We offer American Heart Association classes such as PALS, ACLS, and BLS for the providers in the hospital. To schedule your class please click here.


Richard Shin Richard D. Shin, MD
 Director of Medical Simulation
 NewYork-Presbyterian Queens
 Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine
 Weill Cornell Medical College
 Department of Emergency Medicine
 [email protected]


lillian cerroni  Lillian Cerroni, MBA, MPA
 NewYork-Presbyterian Queens
 Program Manager Simulation Lab
 [email protected]

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