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Morbidity and Mortality Conference is the principle teaching conference. It is held each Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m., It is led by the Department Chairman and attended by all residents, and by the entire teaching and voluntary staffs. A radiologist is always in attendance.

The basic tenet of this conference is that the discussion of patients and their illnesses constitutes the single best contemporaneous method for the education of surgical residents. The goal is to provide an open educational forum for discussion of adverse outcomes, deaths, and interesting cases. Narrative material at this conference is prepared by the residents, with each presenter expected to define the problem, review the literature, and determine what could improve future outcomes. Residents are responsible for all presentations, discussing significant points of the problem at issue with reference to the appropriate literature. All complications and deaths are discussed.

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum Conference is organized by faculty. Residents must review textbook materials before attending each core curriculum lecture. A pre-test is made accessible via an internet site (Class Marker) on Mondays and should be completed by 9am prior to the lecture. You will be provided with a username and password to obtain access. The pretest is one of the major resources for this lecture series in ACS Surgery. The residents are given a reading assignment the week before each lecture to prepare for the day of the conference.

Preceptor Meetings

All residents are assigned a preceptor. They are scheduled to meet with their preceptor at least twice per academic year. If the resident or a faculty member feel this is insufficient, additional meetings are scheduled.

Trauma Conference

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is a Level 1 New York State Trauma Center that treats over 1200 admitted adult and pediatric trauma patients yearly. Since 1984 the NYP Queens Trauma Service has treated over 20,000 trauma patients with a wide variety of blunt and penetrating trauma injuries. Trauma Conference is led by Division Director, Jason Sample, MD. All surgical residents, trauma surgeons, and physician assistants meet with the trauma director and the trauma coordinator at the monthly conference meeting to discuss selected cases that are chosen by the PGY-4 on the Trauma Service.

This conference meeting also includes the emergency department personnel and includes discussions on multidisciplinary treatment of the critically injured patient. Each monthly case is presented by a surgical resident, alongside an emergency medicine resident, who lead the discussion around the many aspects of the initial and subsequent care of the trauma patient. All residents are assigned didactic educational presentations reflecting trauma care issues based on current literature research.

Tumor Board — Breast, Colorectal and Thoracic

Tumor Board is a multi-disciplinary conference including internal medicine, surgery, pathology, medical and radiation oncology where selected cases are discussed with specific attention to diagnosis and treatment of the breadth of malignant diseases.

Grand Rounds

Throughout the year, leaders in surgery are invited to present the current status of various surgical topics, offering the residents and faculty the opportunity to interact with world-renowned surgeons.

Mock Orals

Faculty members present case-based examination questions to senior and chief residents in a format that simulates the ABS Certifying Oral Examination.

Vascular Conference

While rotating on the vascular service, residents participate in Vascular Conference with the faculty vascular surgeons. Residents present cases allowing opportunities for advanced understanding of vascular diseases and management.

Program Director Meetings

All residents are required to meet with the Program Director at least 2 times within the academic year.  In this meeting the resident and PD go over milestones, case logs, evaluations and the resident’s self-assessment etc.