Internal Medicine Research Activity

Recent research activity from the internal medicine residency

May 2018 – 1st Place at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Lang Resident & Fellows Research:

Assessment of Hospital-Wide CIWA-Ar Protocol for Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

May 2018 – American Thoracic Society International Conference, San Diego, CA:

“Systemic Tuberculosis in a Patient on Anti-TNF Therapy”

“Hepatorenal Syndrome Secondary to Mushroom Poisoning”

“Clinical Characteristics of Pulmonary Embolism: A Single Institutional Experience”

“Granulomatosis with Polyangitis with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Lung”

“Kaposi Sarcoma; A Rare Case Presentation of Gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Metastasis”

“The Perfect Storm: An Unusual Case of Heat Stroke in a Young Male”

“Unusual Presentation of Pulmonary Carcinoid: A Case Report and Review of Literature”

“Methicillin Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus Pneumonia versus Aspergillus Pneumonia”

“An Unusual Cause of Interstitial Lung Disease in the Setting of Active Tuberculosis”

March 2018 – American College of Cardiology’s 67th Annual Scientific Session, Orlando, FL.:

“ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Secondary to Infective Endocarditis with Septic Emboli”

October 2017 – CHEST Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada:

“Levofloxacin-Induced Acute Eosinophilic Pneumonitis”

“Herbal Doesn’t Equal to Harmless”

“Extrapleural Hematoma: A Complication of Jugular Vein Cannulation”

“Paradoxical Cerebral Air Embolism in a Young Hemodialysis Patient” 

“The Anticoagulation Champion: Efficacy of Warfarin Anticoagulation in a Resident-Based Primary Care Clinic”

“The Voices are Real – A Case Report of Cavernous Angioma Psychosis Presentation”

September 2017 – European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Vienna Austria:

“Emergency Department Initiated Palliative Care in End of Life ICU Consults. A Ramdomized Clinical Trial”

May 2017 – American Thoracic Society International Conference, Washington, D.C.:

“Air Hunger – A Case Report of Spontaneous Asymptomatic Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum in Male with Severe Anorexia”

April 2017 – Society of General Internal Medicine Conference, Washington, DC:

“NSAID Resistant Pericarditis: The Case for Keeping Your Patient Close”

“Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome Associated with Methadone Overdose”

March 2017 – ACP Internal Medicine Conference, San Diego, CA:

“Worms in an immunocompromised state” 

January 2017 – Miami Valves Conference, Miami, FL:

“Severe Aortic Stenosis Disguised as an Acute Coronary Syndrome Following High Dose Sildenafil Citrate”

November 2016 – NYACP Annual Scientific Meeting, NY, NY:

“Snow White and the Vasculitis – A Case Report of Levamisole Induced Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis and Neutropenia Associated with Cocaine Abuse”

May 2016 - Winner of the ACP National Abstract Competition held, Washington, DC:

"Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Clinically Presenting as Psychosis: A Case Report and Review of Literature"

May 2016 - ASGE Digestive Disease Week held, San Diego, CA:

"Incidental Colonic Lesions Found at Retrograde Double Balloon Enteroscopy"

November 2015 - NY-ACP Abstract Competition, Syracuse, NY: 

"Airing on the Side of Caution with Radiographic Findings of Portal Venous Gas"

"A Case of the Mystery Fever: Adult-Onset STILL's Disease"

"What to do when the Internet is Your Primary Care Provider - A Case of a Hydrogen Peroxide Enema"

November 2015 - American Medical Association Annual Research Symposium, Atlanta, GA:

"Staged Percutaneous Coronary Intervention is Safe during Index Hospitalization in Patients Presenting with ST- Elevation Myocardial Infarction"

October 2015 - American College of Chest Physicians, Montreal, Canada:

"Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis in a Patient on Canagliflozin"

May 2015 - AGA Digestive Disease Week, Washington, DC:

"Mean Number of Adenomas Detected per Screening Colonoscopy varies by Ethnic Group"

April 2015 - American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Conference, Hollywood, CA:

"Professional Soccer Athlete with a Complete Rupture of the Peroneus Longus Tendon Presenting as a Tender Ankle Nodule; the Importance of a Good Physical Exam"

March 2015 - Endocrine Society's 97th Annual Meeting and Expo, San Diego, CA:

"The Etiology and Risk Factor Analysis in Hypercalcemic Crisis"

January 2015 - Critical Care Congress Conference, Phoenix, AZ:

"Coronary Artery Calcification Score Predicts Post- Lobectomy Morbidity"

"Hyperinsulinemia Euglycemia Therapy to Reverse Circulatory Collapse in Diltiazem Overdose"