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NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is on social media.

Our goal is to tap this high impact, low cost communication tool to promote our and programs, and our institution so that everyone knows that Amazing Things Are Happening Here.

We encourage all NYP Queens employees and staff to follow official NYP Queens platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Feel free to share/repost/like/comment on official NYP Queens posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens

I’m a resident – does the NYP Queens social media policy apply to me?

Yes, the NYP Queens social media policy applies to you.

We hope you’ll consider supporting NYP Queens programs and events by reposting, ‘liking’, +1, retweeting and sharing posts from official NYP Queens accounts on your personal social media networks.

If you make any reference to your NYP Queens affiliation on a social media site, online profile, or in the comment section of a website, include a disclaimer that states, “The views contained in these web pages and posts are my personal views and do not represent the views of NewYork-Presbyterian Queens.” This disclaimer may be placed in the “About” section of your profile on a social media channel. For Twitter, you can state, "Tweets are my own."

Additionally, you should include a notice that your posts do not constitute medical advice and that personal information about medical issues should not be posted by others on your site.

All postings and related activity must adhere to HIPAA regulations.

My department has a symposium coming up soon, can we promote it on social media?

Yes. Please contact the NYP Queens Division of External Affairs in order to create an official communication that meets our guidelines and policies, which you can share via social media channels. Note: At least 10 business days are required to review any content (such as slides) that contains clinical information for possible posting online. All postings must adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Members of the Division of External Affairs will create and manage all official NYP Queens social media accounts. Other individuals are prohibited from creating social media accounts on behalf of NYP Queens, its medical practices, programs, services and events.

A negative review was posted about me/my department about our care. How can I respond?

While the best deterrent against negative reviews is to provide excellent patient care and experiences, we recognize that sometimes critical reviews are shared online – and it is very tempting to respond. Don’t do it. If you see a critical review, or have an issue with a post, please contact the Division of External Affairs for counsel. 

Note: In most cases, reviews cannot be altered unless they contain factual errors that we can prove are in error.

A friend knows that I am a nurse/doctor and contacted me via email or made a post on my personal Facebook page to ask for advice about their medical condition. Can I help them?

No. Medical advice must never be provided online, or via a social media forum. Refer the individual to a physician or to seek emergency care via 911 and closest Emergency Room.

All clinical staff should include a notice (e.g., in the “About” section of your social media profiles) that your posts do not constitute medical advice and that personal information about medical issues should not be posted by others on your site. 

However, anyone posting information on a social media site that is in violation of the policies and/or federal, state, or local law should understand that the disclaimer will not shield them from disciplinary action or legal liability.

I went to an NYP Queens event and an NYP Queens colleague took a photo of me with others from the hospital, and then posted it on a social media platform. I’m not comfortable having this online. What can I do?

Contact the poster and ask them to remove the photo. If they do not do so within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 days), contact the Division of External Affairs for assistance.

As stated in the NYP Queens Social Media Policy, the privacy and preferences of colleagues should be respected at all times. Photos from the workplace or work-related social events should not be posted without each person’s permission, and individuals should not be tagged in photos without permission.