3. Older Preschoolers Program

(ages 4-5 years)

After the diagnostic assessment, families who have a preschooler 4-5 years old and preparing to transition to mainstream or specialized kindergarten would benefit from this service. Treatment involves individual sessions with the preschooler and his/her parents to strengthen the skills necessary to promote a successful transition, and assist with choosing an appropriate school or classroom environment.

What goals are addressed?

Our treatment team works with families and their preschooler to address a variety of behavioral needs:

A room with play blocks at the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain

A room with play blocks at the Center.

  • addressing socialization deficits that are interfering with the child's ability to be successful with other children
  • minimizing symptoms of anxiety
  • fostering independence and strengthening adaptive behaviors
  • developing strategies to assist with decreasing problem behaviors

What does the program look like?

Children come to the center up to three times a week with their parent or caregiver (with additional hours available depending on the needs of the child, where a family lives, and parents/caregivers' interest in participating in group activities).

Each visit involves:

  • applying strategies such as cognitive behavior therapy, positive behavior supports including the use of visual strategies and structured teaching
  • using tools such as social stories to teach simple and complex social skills
  • a home visit (when indicated) to assist



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