Patient & Family Care

CADB offers a variety of clinical services to children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders. The clinical team at CADB is committed to conducting comprehensive evaluations, providing evidence-based treatment, consulting with community providers, all with an eye towards integrating care across the lifespan.

Initial Diagnostic Assessment

A comprehensive assessment allows us to construct a profile of each individual's strengths and difficulties across multiple domains of functioning (e.g., social-communication, adaptive behavior).

Each diagnostic assessment is customized depending on the individual needs of the child or adult with suspected ASD. The typical course of assessment takes place across four visits to CADB. The assessment begins with an initial consultation with the parents to collect information about social, developmental and educational history along with specific areas of concern. This visit serves as a guide for the planning of the person-specific assessment.

Additional visits are characterized by a more in-depth parent interview to obtain detailed information about past and present ASD symptoms and current adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, as well as testing and observation sessions conducted directly with the child, adolescent or adult. These sessions include administration of ASD diagnostic instruments, a medical evaluation by a child psychiatrist, as well as cognitive, language, and academic testing.

In some cases, one or more assessment sessions may be carried out at the home, school, or work place of the person with suspected ASD, as opposed to in the clinic.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Our goal is to develop effective individualized, evidence-based treatments that can be carried out in the community and/or by us.

Treatment at CADB involves a range of techniques including Applied Behavior Analysis, Pivotal Response Training, Early Start Denver Model, Structured Teaching and developmental approaches. Treatment modalities are specific to the individual and his/her needs and may be delivered in individual or group formats by professionals from multiple disciplines, including psychologists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and/or psychiatrists.

Treatments focus on addressing social, communication and/or behavioral deficits and difficulties and building on strengths, along with increasing independence and participation in home, school and community activities.

Treatment services are short-term, typically carried out at CADB over the course of up to 12 weeks but modifiable according to individual needs. Throughout this time we continue to collaborate with families and other providers to ensure a smooth transfer of service and support to home, school and community settings.

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