Medical Staff Office

2019 Reappointment Process

The 2019 reappointment process will re-launch Tuesday, September 3rd. The Medical Staff Office (MSO) will begin contacting you this week, including sending your application for reappointment.

  • Practitioners will begin receiving reappointment applications starting the morning of September 3rd.The application will include information from your previous appointment.
  • You will be assigned an analyst from the MSO who will assist you and your department administrator throughout this process.
  • The analyst will email you and your Department Administrator a copy of your previous privileges the week of September 3rd to facilitate submitting your privilege request.
  • A new MSO website will launch today at: This website will contain job aids for using Cactus and other information to help you with your reappointment.

The MSO will have analysts available from 8am - 8pm to answer calls at: 212-585-6410. Please feel free to call during these hours for assistance with your reappointment application.

Thank you for your patience while the MSO makes the transition to Cactus, NYP’s new credentialing software.