Congenital Heart Outcomes Report

2017 Outcomes Report for Congenital Heart Center

Center Overview 2013-2016

Emphasis on Patient Safety &  Quality

Our surgeons and interventional cardiologists are held to a rigorous standard. We hold monthly multi-disciplinary risk-adjusted mortality and morbidity conferences, where we review data on every patient. Additionally, every six months we review surgeon-specific mortality and complications with regard to several specific areas:

  • post-operative infection

  • unplanned re-operation or re-intervention

  • unplanned need for mechanical support

  • new post-operative neurological findings

  • re-operation for bleeding

  • post-operative cardiac arrest

  • major technical problems during surgery

Twice a year, each surgeon receives a surgeon-specific performance metric. The result: we are able to maintain the highest quality by identifying and correcting potential problems early, which ultimately makes our patients safer.

Open Communication with Referring Physicians

We consider referring physicians an integral part of our cardiac team and are committed to keeping them updated about a patient’s medical status, major treatment recommendations and progress during hospitalization. Within hours after patients leave the hospital, we provide a detailed discharge summary to all referring physicians for their reference and continuum of patient care.

image of a Referring Physician