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Expert Care for Children with Joint and Autoimmune Disorders

Children who develop arthritis, periodic fever syndromes, or other rheumatic diseases can have a wide range of symptoms which affect their quality of life. Because these diseases affect each child differently, it's important for the child to receive care in a medical center with the expertise to accurately diagnose and treat them. At NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, our pediatric rheumatologists have the specialized expertise to determine the cause of your child’s symptoms and provide the most advanced therapies.

  • Renowned Expertise: Our rheumatology team includes internationally recognized experts who care for children with the most complex rheumatic and autoimmune diseases. We have cared for thousands of children with these conditions, a combined experience hard to find in other programs in our area. Because of our expertise, doctors at other children's hospitals often refer patients to us for care.
  • A Distinguished History:  Founded in 1960, ours was one of the first pediatric rheumatology programs in the United States and the first in the New York City area. Program founder Dr. Jerry Jacobs wrote the first textbook in pediatric rheumatology, which he based on his experiences caring for children at the then-Babies Hospital of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Team-Based Care: Our rheumatology specialists provide personalized, compassionate care for your child in a family-friendly environment. To provide the most comprehensive care, we work closely with specialists in other fields, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, nephrology, dermatology, physical and occupational therapy, child psychiatry, and pain medicine. For your convenience, we have offices in several locations in New York City, Westchester County, and Rockland County.
  • Advanced Therapies: We will treat your child with the most advanced treatment approaches available — many of them assessed here — including biologic therapies as well as physical therapy to control the disease and enable your child to regain normal function.
  • Expanding Treatment Options through Research: Our clinician-scientists are exploring many aspects of rheumatologic conditions, including the reasons why some children develop autoimmune diseases while others do not. They're working to identify genes that make a person more susceptible to these diseases and discover how those genes influence disease development.

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