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Comprehensive Care to Help the Smallest Patients Thrive


If your newborn is one of the very small number of infants who become unable to absorb enough nutrients from food to support growth and development, he or she may have short bowel syndrome (which most often develops after part of the small intestine is removed during surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis or an intestinal birth defect) or early-onset inflammatory bowel disease. NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is one of the world's best known medical centers for treating children with short bowel syndrome and other disorders of the small intestine. Your child will benefit from:

  • A Team of Specialists: Your child's team includes experts from pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric surgery, small bowel transplantation, pediatric hepatology (liver care), nutrition and feeding therapy, neonatology (newborn care), occupational therapy, nursing, radiology, pathology, child life, and social work. Together, our team customizes a plan of care tailored precisely to your child's needs.
  • An Onsite Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Our NICU features the latest specialized neonatal intensive care approaches and is staffed by neonatologists and specially trained nurses and nurse practitioners. Our NICU is a Level IV facility — the highest level attainable nationally, recognizing our ability to care for newborns in need of the most specialized care. Doctors can arrange for the transport of critically ill infants from area hospitals to our NICU 24/7 using our specialized transport service (reached at 1-800-NYP-STAT).
  • The Only Intestinal Rehabilitation Center in Our Area: Through our Pediatric Intestinal Rehabilitation Center — the only such program in the Tri-State area — your child can receive specialized care from a team with expertise treating intestinal failure in young patients. With intestinal rehabilitation, many infants become capable of absorbing oral nutrients and can avoid transplantation surgery. We deliver supplemental nutrition through a central intravenous line (total parenteral nutrition or TPN) to restore your baby's bowel health.
  • Expertise in Small Bowel Transplantation: If your child is still unable to absorb enough nutrients despite TPN or has irreversible intestinal problems with serious complications, we may recommend small bowel transplantation. We have been performing this surgery for more than two decades. We performed one of the first procedures of this kind, and one of our patients who underwent the procedure when she was a four-month old girl is now the longest survivor of a small bowel transplant in the world. Our transplantation specialists are internationally renowned for their expertise.
  • Leaders in Education and Research: As part of our comprehensive approach to digestive disorders, we are researching ways to help our patients become capable of adequate digestion and absorption of nutrients, and to treat liver complications that can develop as the result of TPN management. Our team is also establishing a symposium to educate physicians about intestinal rehabilitation and short bowel syndrome.


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