image of elderly man getting a shot

Omicron Boosters: Your Questions Answered

An infectious diseases expert explains what's different about the new boosters that target Omicron and who should get one. Read more

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Suffering From 'Tech Neck'? Here's How to Fix It

Prevent technology-related neck and shoulder pain with tips from our expert from Och Spine at NewYork-Presbyterian. Read more

Image of Steve Wilson at Mount Kilimanjaro

Amazing News

"You Don’t Need Two Kidneys To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro"

To show how living organ donors can still achieve great physical feats, Steve Wilson scaled the tallest mountain in Africa — and has more adventures on the horizon.

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Living Well

Five Steps to Reduce Stress

Stress can impact many aspects of well-being, including sleep, digestion, and your overall outlook on life. But there are easy ways to relax. Follow these simple strategies to reduce stress and its impact on the body. Read more

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