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Amazing Stories: Rebecca Szymanski

When Rebecca was just hours old, doctors determined she had a three-chambered heart. Her parents took her to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, where doctors performed a Fontan surgery to restructure her heart when she was six. A good Fontan last 20 years. Rebecca’s lasted 27. When blood clots began to form, doctors need to work quickly to find a solution.

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Doctors Urge Symptomatic Patients to Get a Heart Check, Stress Test

Most people think of chest pain as a classic heart attack symptom but what if there were earlier signs in the days, months and even years leading up to a heart attack? Paying close attention to your body could prevent a heart attack. Find out what signs to look out for.

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Freak Out or Chill Out: Doctors Provide Answers to Your Medical Concerns

New health symptoms can be alarming— is this persistent cough a larger issue? Will this sore throat go away on its own? Though it is tempting to use search engines to self-diagnose, the Internet can be a source of harmful misinformation. In the book, Am I Dying?!, a NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia cardiologist aims to answer common health questions.

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7 Tips for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

One size does not fit all when it comes to healthy eating. Yet anyone can follow some simple tips to create patterns that will help them eat well. Health Matters, NewYork-Presbyterian’s online storytelling platform, provides tips on how to develop healthy eating patterns.

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