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Jack Bierwirth

Amazing stories: Jack Bierwirth

Retired school superintendent Jack Bierwirth was on his way to the railway station to catch a train to Washington, DC, when he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Concerned he may be having a heart attack, Jack decided he had to go to the hospital. With the help of a friend and passerby, Jack went to NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital. Read Jack’s story.

two doctors holding a card saying ask a cardiologist

Fact or fiction? Doctors debunk heart health myths

Can a broken heart damage your heart? Does your heart skip a beat when you sneeze? Is drinking red wine good for you? There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding heart health. Health Matters asked two NewYork-Presbyterian cardiologists to address common concerns and debunk heart health myths.

ribbon cutting

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital opens new Maternal & Newborn Care Unit

On January 20, NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital celebrated the opening of its Maternal & Newborn Care Unit, designed to enhance the care and comfort of expectant moms and their newborns and provide the best patient experience before, during and after childbirth.

migraine headaches

Migraine headaches and a hole in the heart: exploring the connection

We’ve all experienced the pain and discomfort of headaches. Less common but much more severe is the migraine, a particular type of headache where the pain is so intense, it can be debilitating. Migraine headaches remain poorly understood. But, recent research studies have identified a possible link between migraine and a heart condition.