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Amazing stories: Martha Williams

In July 2014, Martha Williams began feeling a weird sensation in her right breast. After having a biopsy performed, she received a diagnosis of encapsulated papillary carcinoma. The doctor suggested a mastectomy but she would not be able to have breast reconstruction surgery because of a prior surgery. Not wanting to lose her breast, Martha looked for alternative treatment options. Read her story

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Cancer survivorship care requires ongoing, integrated support

Advances in modern medicine have led to a new era in cancer care — one where there are more survivors than ever before in history. As the number of cancer survivors grows, so does our recognition of the unique needs of this population, and the necessity to provide adequate survivorship care. Find out about one of NewYork-Presbyterian’s cancer survivorship programs.

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Treatment options for infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss

Many women find joy in the ability to conceive, carry a pregnancy and, after nine months, deliver a healthy baby. But there are times when complications arise that can derail this natural process, ones that carry with them a heavy emotional toll. Learn more about fertility treatment options.

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How to tell the difference between COVID-19 vs. flu

Cough, Fever, chills, and body aches are all common symptoms of a cold, the flu, seasonal allergies, and coronavirus. They’re also symptoms of COVID-19. How do you know the difference? Health Matters explains how you can tell the difference and what you should do if you feel sick.