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Amazing stories: Dale Winell

Seventy-eight-year-old Dale Winell began feeling back pain not long after giving birth to her first child. As she got older, the pain intensified. An x-ray and MRI showed she had several spinal conditions, including scoliosis and her spinal nerve was compressed. Her daughter, an orthopedic surgeon, recommended she go to NewYork-Presbyterian to find relief

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Anxious About the Return to Normal? Here Are 7 Ways to Help You Ease Back In

Many people felt hope that we may soon return to normalcy when the CDC announced guidelines that fully vaccinated people could stop wearing masks outdoors and in most indoor settings. But the news also brought a measure of anxiety: Is it safe? Health Matters spoke to Dr. Avital Falk, program director of the Intensive Treatment Program for OCD and Anxiety at the NewYork-Presbyterian Youth Anxiety Center, to help guide us through this return to normal and explain why we might be feeling some trepidation.

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How to Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Amid COVID-19: A Checklist for Parents

After more than a year of isolation and remote learning due to COVID-19, many families are eager to enroll their kids in summer camps. But is it safe to send your kids to camp, when kids under the age of 12 still aren’t eligible for the vaccine? Health Matters asked Dr. Permar what parents should consider when making summer camp plans.

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Summer Adventures Await…But Take It Easy On Your Joints

Summer’s here and that means it’s time for swimming, hiking, cycling and outdoor fun of all kinds. But with more physical activity in the great outdoors comes the risk of more stress on the joints. Get tips on how to stay joint healthy while you explore the great outdoors.