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Yeniset Estrella's Story

They try to minimize your worry as a parent. They not only care about your child, they care how you feel and how you manage.

A Family Affair

Yeniset EstrellaFear for the health of her children brought Yeniset Estrella to NewYork-Presbyterian. Due to chronic mold in her apartment, she says, “My children’s skin developed rashes and, with it, asthma – which my family has no history of.” Despite thoroughly scrubbing the apartment, adding an air purifier, and bringing in professional cleaners, the mildew remained. Although she eventually left the apartment, Yeniset worried that the damage to her children’s health was already done.

However, at NewYork-Presbyterian’s Broadway Practice, a member of the Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Network, staff there not only have managed her children’s health care, but they also calmed Yeniset’s fears. “When you go there, you know you are going to get the help that you need,” she says. “They guide you through every step and won’t let you leave until you understand the medicine you’re going to use and know what to expect next.”

This is due in large part to the commitment the doctors have to their young patients, notes Yeniset. “They worry about the children – but they not only care about your child, they also care about how you feel and how you are managing. The doctors try to minimize the worry you feel as a parent.”

Yeniset and her family have been patients at the Broadway Practice for 20 years…and happily so. “I haven’t ever experienced an inconvenience with them,” she recalls. “My children’s physician, Dr. Heidy Butler, is always available, as is my doctor, Sasha Shapiro. And I don’t want to brag, but my children's doctor is one of the best!”

Yeniset is now involved with NewYork-Presbyterian's WIN for Asthma program, helping to spread the word about asthma prevention. Directed by Luz Adriana Matiz, MD, the program provides education and support services to families with children at high risk for asthma.

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