Medical Marvels

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Medical Marvels

WABC-TV, ABC's local television affiliate in New York City, hosts an online series called "Medical Marvels." The series highlights the stories of patients who underwent extraordinary medical procedures at NewYork-Presbyterian.  Below are the stories featured in the series.

  • Eliana Marica

    Eliana Marcia

    A well-known singer from Brazil who is a stroke survivor talks about her experience with NewYork-Presbyterian's Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit. (Read the full story)

  • Maya Katz

    Maya Katz

    Maya Katz is a young mother of three and a speech pathologist at a local school in New York City. She was dealing with chronic back pain that seemed to be triggered by her pregnancies and would then resolve after childbirth. (Read the full story)

  • Maya Katz

    Jacqueline Snyder-Allen

    Jacqueline Snyder-Allen thought she was just suffering from her yearly cold, but her level of exhaustion was unprecedented. Her husband, Thomas E. Allen, quickly realized something was very wrong and raced her from their home in Cold Spring to NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital.

  • Maya Katz

    Tom Meyers

    Tom Myers, an executive chef at one of New York City's top dinner clubs, was riding his motorcycle home when a vehicle that was making a left-hand turn hit him. The collision flung the 56-year-old married father of two children into the air and totaled the bike. Tom was taken to the emergency department of NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, a Level 1 Trauma Center. (Read the full story)

  • Maya Katz

    Sandra Hayes & Robert Ward

    A couple with cancer receives best treatment protocols and personal care right in their home town. (Read the full story)

  • Cherie Aimee

    Cherie Aimée

    A woman in the prime of her life arrived at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center in dire condition. (Read the full story)

  • Joseph Cappuccilli/Mark Chamberlain

    Joseph Cappuccilli/Mark Chamberlain

    Policeman donates kidney to save fellow officer (Read the full story)

  • Kelly Rollo

    Kelly Rollo

    Kelly Rolo had been suffering from torturous headaches, with weird symptoms where the left and right sides of her body would differ dramatically in temperature. Doctors at NewYork-Presbyterian embarked on a surgery that was the first of its kind, and now her prognosis is great. (Read the full story)

  • Carolyn Dempsey

    Carolyn Dempsey

    New scalp cooling system prevents hair loss from chemotherapy (Read the full story)

  • Lou Auriemma / Gina Vintalore

    Lou Auriemma / Gina Vintalore

    Lou Auriemma and his cousin Gina Vintalore have always shared a family bond. Now they share a liver. (Read the full story)

  • Robert Frank Azopardi

    Robert Frank Azopardi

    Doctors at NewYork-Presbyterian gave Robert Frank Azopardi a trial drug for his Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. (Read the full story)

  • Roberta Schneider

    Roberta Schneider

    Medical Marvels looks at the case of a woman diagnosed with esophageal cancer who was already no stranger to battling a health crisis. (Read the full story)

  • David Epstein

    David Epstein

    During a routine physical, David Epstein learned he was living with a ticking time bomb in his chest.

  • Faith Fulginiti

    Faith Fulginiti

    Faith Fulginiti is recovering from a cutting edge procedure to treat lymphedema and chronic venous disease. (full story)

  • Peter Reikes

    Peter Reikes

    In this edition of Medical Marvels, a look at how the staff at the Perelman Heart Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital saved Peter Reikes with an ECMO machine. (full story)

  • Glen Zammit

    Glen Zammit

    In this edition of Medical Marvels, a look at how heart patient Glen Zammit was helped by a new, non-surgical procedure for replacing heart valves. (full story)

  • Kelly Boyle

    Kelly Boyle

    In this edition of Medical Marvels, doctors at New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital are using telemedicine to evaluate and diagnose stroke patients. (full story)

  • Dr. Jake Chanin

    Dr. Jake Chanin

    Medical Marvels Runners Edition: A cardiologist hopes to inspire his patients by running in the TCS NYC Marathon. (full story)

  • Joe Russo

    Joe Russo

    It was one of Joe Russo's patients that inspired him to run in the New York City Marathon for the first time. (full story)

  • Tara Barlow

    Tara Barlow

    Tara Barlow is running the New York City Marathon for pediatric liver transplant patients. (full story)

  • Denise Buist

    Denise Buist

    Denise Buist suffered from severe sciatica until neurosurgeon Roger Härtl, MD, performed an innovative, minimally-invasive procedure on her. (full story)

  • Abbey Monzietti

    Abbey Monzietti

    Abbey Monzietti was born with an extremely rare and large tumor. When she was just three days old, NewYork-Presbyterian surgeon Nitsana Spigland, MD, performed lifesaving surgery on her. (full story)

  • Jacob Downer

    Jacob Downer

    Jacob Downer was born with an extremely small jaw and a cleft palate. From his first moment of life he struggled to breathe, and so the decision was made to begin changing Jacob's life when he was just days old. (full story)

  • Manuel Greco

    Manuel Greco

    Manuel Greco battles Von Hippel-Lindau disease, a rare condition that causes tumors to grow in certain parts of the body. (full story)

  • Brady Jenkins

    Brady Jenkins

    Six-year-old Brady Jenkins has a rare genetic syndrome that will cause him to develop thyroid cancer. (full story)

  • Susan Koujak

    Susan Koujak

    Susan Koujak survived two double lung transplants. Now she wants to have a child. (full story)

  • Robert and Dianne Kaiser

    Robert and Dianne Kaiser

    Robert Kaiser was battling end stage kidney disease until his wife, Dianne, stepped in and offered one of her kidneys.

  • Maureen Cavanaugh

    Maureen Cavanaugh

    Maureen Cavanaugh struggled with her weight for years. A new weight loss surgical procedure helped her. (full story)