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Gabby Mansour's Story

Other doctors wanted to amputate my leg. NewYork-Presbyterian found a way to save it. Now, people are surprised by my cheerleading.

Gabby’s Experience

Gabby Mansour"When I was a baby, my leg would hurt a lot. I would cry and I would scream because of my leg." Just six weeks after birth, Gabby Mansour's leg pains started – and wouldn't stop. Gabby was diagnosed with a rare disease, tibial pseudarthrosis, which had caused her leg to break and not heal. Gabby's parents remember being told by doctors that amputation was the best course. They didn't accept that – and neither did Dr. Michael Vitale of NewYork-Presbyterian. Performing 9 surgeries over the course of 6 years, Dr. Vitale and his team repaired and strengthened Gabby's leg and gave her what she wanted most in life: to be accepted for who she was and not for the condition she had. In Gabby's case, who she was turned out to be as dancer, gymnast and aspiring performer. After a life in and out of leg braces, the only braces she wears now are on her teeth.


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