Recognizing Excellence in Nursing at NYM

Dec 6, 2006

More than 150 registered nurses attended New York Methodist Hospital's 14th Annual Registered Nurses Dinner, held recently in the Hospital's cafeteria. The event, a cherished tradition at the Hospital, celebrates the dedication and achievements of nursing staff members at NYM.

"The work that you do is truly the work of unsung heroes," said Mark J. Mundy, president and CEO of NYM, to event attendees. "The love, compassion and care that each of you bring to patients at our Hospital is beyond imaginable and I sincerely thank you," he said.

Mr. Mundy was not the only one showing gratitude at the event. Rebecca Flood, R.N., senior vice president of nursing, also thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication toward providing the best possible care for patients at NYM. "Tonight gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance and specialty that is nursing," she said as she welcomed guests.

To demonstrate the importance of nurses at NYM, several individuals were honored with the 25 Year Service Award for their continued role in patient care. Those recognized for their service were Ellen Adams, R.N., of Sheepshead Bay; Lucille Bael, R.N., of Staten Island; Geneva DaCosta, R.N., of Canarsie; Cleofe Damasco, R.N., of Franklin Square; Donna Dougherty, R.N., of Park Slope; Joanne Lagnese, R.N., of Queens; Maria Melnyk, R.N., of Borough Park; Jacqueline Minick, R.N., of Long Island; Cynthia Sombillo, R.N., of New Jersey; Michelle Thomas, R.N., of Borough Park; Theresa Uva, R.N., of Bay Ridge; and Jung Ok Yoon, R.N., of Queens.

"The people I work with and the experiences I have every day are what drive me to continue my career in nursing," Ms. Adams said of her 25 years in nursing.

Anthony Tortolani, M.D., chairman of cardiothoracic surgery at NYM, spoke to attendees about the importance of the interaction of physicians and nurses in providing quality care. Odelia McSween, R.N., and Wayne Christie, R.N., associate director for nursing at NYM, also presented lectures on nursing professionalism, challenges and sacrifices. "With the introduction of new technology and services, it is important for nurses to have the willingness to continually provide professional care," said Mr. Christie. "Nursing is a very challenging field; you have to be accepting of peoples limitations while knowing their potential."

a group of women sitting at a table

NYM nurses had the chance to socialize at the Annual R.N. Dinner and Lecture. Back row, from left, Gina Amparo, R.N., Rose Bazile, R.N., Corazon Balthazar, R.N., and Ann Marie Fusaro, R.N. Front row, from left, Wilhelmine Leonidas, R.N., Catherine Bernsten, R.N., Alisa Greene-Lunn, R.N., and Genevieve Atkinson, R.N.