Perioperative Nurses Week at New York Methodist Hospital

High School Students Help NYM Celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week

Dec 1, 2010

Brooklyn, NY

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Michelle Chester, RN, clinical director of surgical services, shows Midwood High School students the different types of stitches used during surgery.

In celebration of Perioperative Nurses Week, New York Methodist Hospital recently invited students from Midwood High School's Medical Science Program to the Hospital for a special presentation and tour of NYM's operating rooms. The event was coordinated by the Hospital's clinical directors for surgical services, Michelle Chester, RN, and Jennifer Williams, RN This is the second year students from Midwood have been invited to the Hospital to celebrate the occasion.

Following a presentation about the pivotal roles operating room nurses play in administering perioperative care, the students had the opportunity to see the Hospital's da Vinci Si HD robot—an advanced robotic device used by surgeons to perform numerous minimally invasive surgical procedures—in action.

Operating room nurses, also known as perioperative nurses play a crucial role in the welfare of a patient before, during and after surgery. These registered nurses are an integral part of any surgical team. They are responsible for a range of tasks that include oversight of the operating room, as well as attention to details like making certain that all surgical instruments, sponges, and needles are accounted for during and after the procedure. Being an operating room nurse is complicated and stressful," said Ms. Chester. "You have to have a passion for it."

"I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into this visit," said Glenn Elert, a teacher at the high school, who accompanied the students on their visit. "That's the most fun I've ever had at a hospital."