NewYork-Presbyterian’s Health Matters Celebrates 1 year Anniversary of Sharing Stories of Science, Care, and Wellness

Mar 28, 2018

- NewYork-Presbyterian's Health Matters Celebrates 1 Year!
NewYork-Presbyterian's Health Matters Celebrates 1 Year!

New York - NewYork-Presbyterian’s Health Matters, an award-winning online destination created to share stories of science, care and wellness, celebrates its one year anniversary this March.

Health Matters features the latest news and insights from NewYork-Presbyterian’s world-class physicians, nurses and experts, inspiring first-hand accounts from patients and caregivers, and updates on the latest research and innovations in patient care.

Visitors to the site will find first-hand accounts of physicians’ and employees’ personal journeys, including Dr. Roshni Rao, a breast surgeon whose mission is to make her breast cancer patients whole again, and Dr. Richard Isaacson, whose family history of Alzheimer’s motivated this neurologist to found the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic. Remarkable patient stories, like the story of Jenna Skeete, who battled a congenital heart defect and was saved by a heart transplant, all before she was six years old, are featured throughout the site. Health Matters provides a deeper dive into NewYork-Presbyterian’s rich history of excellence and innovation, including videos like this one on Dr. Virginia Apgar, the developer of the Apgar Score for newborn infants.

NewYork-Presbyterian launched Health Matters as a resource for people seeking the highest quality health care in the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

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