NYM's Women's Health Physical Therapy Program Offers Relief

Jan 6, 2006

NYM's Women's Health Physical Therapy Program Offers Relief

Date: January 6, 2006

Title: NYM's Women's Health Physical Therapy Program Offers Relief

Health Topic: Urogynecology

Loss of bladder or bowel control otherwise known as incontinence, a condition of pelvic floor dysfunction-occurs in women of all ages and affects one in 10 women over the age of 65. By some estimates, between 30 and 65 percent of all women will be affected by urinary incontinence at some times in their lives. With effective treatments available, there is no reason for any woman to limit her lifestyle because of this disorder. NYM's Women's Health Physical Therapy Program offers evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal disorders caused by pelvic floor dysfunction and/or pregnancy. NYM serves a large population of new mothers, some of whom suffer pain as a result of pregnancy-associated pelvic floor dysfunction.

Among the conditions treated are urinary incontinence, vaginisimus, interstitial cystitis, fecal incontinence, constipation and others. Interventions- including external and internal manual maneuvers, therapeutic exercise, functional training, neuromuscular re-education and biofeedback trainingóare all offered in a private setting. Treatment is customized to meet each patient's specific needs.

"Our program complements obstetrics, gynecology, urogynecology and orthopedic services to help women with problems including incontinence, painful intercourse and loss of function that limit their daily activities," says Gopi Jhaveri, D.P.T., supervisor of Women's Health Physical Therapy. Ms. Jhaveri received specialized training in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction through the American Physical Therapy Associationís Section on Women's Health.

The Women's Health Physical Program works closely with NYM's Division of Urogynecology to offer assistance in the discomfort that pelvic floor dysfunction can cause both physically and emotionally.

"A women's health physical therapist complements the physician-directed treatment regimen," says Marisa Mastropietro, M.D., chief of urogynecology at NYM. "The patient can benefit from a total-body program while playing an active role in her own healing process."

For more information about the NYM's Women's Health Physical Therapy Program please call (718) 369-8055 (a physician''s referral is needed for an appointment). For more information about the Hospital's urogynecology program call 718-246-8500.