New York Methodist Welcomes Dedicated Breast Surgeon

Nov 18, 2009

Dr. John Deysine explaining x-rays

John Deysine, M.D., chief of the Hospital's breast service, with a patient.

New York Methodist Hospital (NYM) has appointed John Deysine, M.D., chief of the Hospitals breast service. Dr. Deysine specializes in treating breast cancer through breast conservation techniques.

Most women can undergo breast conservation surgery for breast cancer since the goal of treatment is removing the breast cancer, not the breast itself, said Dr. Deysine. Types of breast-conserving surgery include lumpectomy (removal of the lump), quadrantectomy (removal of one quarter, or quadrant, of the breast), and segmental mastectomy (removal of the cancer as well as some of the breast tissue around the tumor and the lining over the chest muscles below the tumor).

At New York Methodist, patients have access to the full scope of services required to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and support patients with breast cancer and other diseases of the breast. NYM's services include mammography and other, more advanced screening tests like breast MRI, conservative surgery by specialists in breast surgery, a regional radiation oncology center and a spacious and attractive ambulatory infusion center where chemotherapy can be administered. In addition, the Hospital has a physical therapy program for women recovering from breast surgery, an American Cancer Society patient cancer navigator on staff and cancer support groups.

Patients are continuing to seek out specialists for their illnesses, and look for physicians and facilities that have expertise, high volume and specialized training, said Dr. Deysine. New York Methodist has all of that, and more, for diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

During the last ten years, survival rates for breast cancer have significantly increased, because of improved diagnosis and treatment. Women in Brooklyn don't have to leave the borough to receive this optimum specialized care, he added.

Dr. Deysine completed a fellowship in surgical oncology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. New York Methodist Hospital is delighted to welcome Dr. Deysine as our new chief of breast service, said Anthony Tortolani, M.D., chairman of the Department of Surgery at NYM. The recent growth in this division enables NYM to provide the highest level of care to patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer and other diseases of the breast.

For more information, please contact NYM's Department of Surgery at 718 780-3288.