NYM Unveils New Emergency Department

May 16, 2007

NYM Unveils New Emergency Department


Date: May 16, 2007

Title: NYM Unveils New Emergency Department

Health Topic: Community Affairs

New York Methodist Hospital recently unveiled its newly expanded and renovated Emergency Department (E.D.) at a ribbon cutting ceremony held in the Hospital''s new E.D. entrance. Guests at the event enjoyed tours of the new facility and learned about the Hospital''s new E.D. system known as the Simple Medical screening And Rapid Treatment (S.M.A.R.T) program. S.M.A.R.T was created to quickly assess the severity of a patient''s illness or injury and promptly treat and discharge patients who do not need admission to the Hospital. NYM is one of only a few institutions in the metropolitan area to use the program. "S.M.A.R.T is a new and innovative program that allows our nurses and physicians to treat patients in the most efficient way possible," said Joseph Bove, M.D., chairman of emergency medicine at NYM.

"Thanks to our new space and new program, New York Methodist Hospital will be able to produce the best results in timing, treatment and care for every patient who walks through our door," said Mark J. Mundy, president and CEO of NYM, to event attendees.

The newly renovated and expanded E.D. features a state-of-the-art 45-bed adult unit and a 10-bed pediatric unit. The increased space allows for one patient per room and up to two visitors per bedside. "The larger space not only allows us to accommodate a larger number of walk-in patients and patients brought via ambulance, but the space also permits family members or friends to visit their loved ones while they are in the E.D.," said Dr. Bove.

In addition to larger adult and pediatric E.D. units, the Hospital now has a new E.D. registration area equipped with three walk-in registration desks and a patient reception desk, staffed 24 hours a day by a patient liaison who greets everyone who walks into the E.D.

After visiting the receptionist, patients will enter the new 4,200 square foot E.D. waiting room, which is complete with three flat screen televisions, a water fountain and two handicapped-accessible bathrooms with baby changing tables. A separate waiting room is available for pediatric patients and their families to ensure comfort and convenience.

Along with separate adult and pediatric waiting rooms, the Hospital''s E.D. is equipped with a pediatric triage room and two adult triage rooms. As part of the S.M.A.R.T program, the triage areas are staffed with a triage nurse and two physician assistants who also triage, evaluate, treat and release patients. The physician assistants are also able to begin immediate diagnostic assessments (laboratory, electrocardiogram or x-ray testing) of patients.

"All of our additions and renovations were created with the community''s needs in mind and I am very thankful for their patience throughout this construction process," said Dr. Bove. "Our E.D. is now more dignified, sophisticated and community oriented."

A photo of a group of people cutting a red ribbon
Richard Lagnese, vice president for facilities management; Joseph Bove, M.D., chairman of emergency medicine; V. Peter Mastrorocco, O.D., member of the Board of Trustees; Steven Silber, D.O., vice president of medical affairs and vice chairman of emergency medicine; Rev. John E. Carrington, chairman of the Board of Trustees; and Colleen McManus, vice president.