New York Methodist Hospital Launches Lung Cancer Screening Program

Apr 18, 2012

Brooklyn, NY

New York Methodist Hospital (NYM) now offers a comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Program for the screening and diagnosis of lung cancer. The program features a multidisciplinary care team of pulmonologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons, and radiologists who collaborate to diagnose lung cancer. This approach streamlines the diagnostic process, and helps maximize the chance of a good outcome.

"The best weapon in the fight against lung cancer is an early diagnosis," said Suhail Raoof, M.D., chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at NYM. "If you are considered at risk for lung cancer, the team at NYM will guide you through the screening process, and in the event of an abnormal test, the team members will direct you to the medically necessary state-of-the-art services."

A lung cancer screening begins with a thorough evaluation by a Program physician, followed by a low-dose, computed topography (CT) scan of the chest, which provides the Program team with detailed pictures of the patient's lungs. In particular, the team will look for abnormalities that may represent lung cancer at an early stage.

Each year, over 200,000 people in the United States develop lung cancer, so the Lung Cancer Screening Program is a crucial innovation in combating the disease. "The Lung Cancer Screening Program continues NYM's tradition of pioneering advances in patient care," said Dr. Raoof. "We're thrilled to have developed the Program here and to continue that mission."

For more information, to speak with a physician or to arrange a screening evaluation with the New York Methodist Hospital Lung Cancer Screening Program, please call 718-780-LUNG.

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