NYM Designated a "Center of Excellence" in Breast Imaging by the American College of Radiology

Mar 28, 2012

Brooklyn, NY

New York Methodist Hospital has been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR), making it one of only two hospitals in Brooklyn to receive this prestigious honor. ACR Center of Excellence accreditation is considered the gold seal for imaging procedures, and confirms that women receiving their mammograms and breast sonograms at NYM's Department of Radiology are being treated with the highest level of care.

An ACR Center of Excellence designation is determined through a peer-review evaluating the women's imaging center. Safety and radiation dosage are also assessed.

"A mammogram can be a sensitive test for a woman," said Steven Garner, M.D., chairman of radiology at NYM. "Women who receive mammograms at New York Methodist Hospital can trust that they will work with a compassionate medical staff using the most advanced breast-imaging technology available."

Mammograms are recommended annually for women ages 40 and over to test for breast cancer. Younger women with a family history of breast cancer may also need to be screened annually. In order to limit exposure to radiation, sonograms of the breast are the preferred breast cancer testing method for women under 40, as the sound waves created by the technology allow a radiologist to see the tissue inside the breast.

"Clear images, skilled staff and advanced equipment, like we have here at New York Methodist, mean that patients can be confident in the results of a breast imaging exam," said Dr. Garner. "Women should not have to take chances when it comes to their health and well being. The ACR Center of Excellence accreditation means that women can feel confident that the NYM Department of Radiology provides the highest quality breast imaging services available."

To schedule an appointment for a breast imaging exam at New York Methodist Hospital, patients can call 718-780-5870.

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