NYM Debuts Interventional Neuroradiology

Feb 16, 2006

NYM Debuts Interventional Neuroradiology

Date: February 16, 2006

Title: NYM Debuts Interventional Neuroradiology

Health Topic: Neurology

New York Methodist Hospital recently joined a select group of institutions offering interventional neuroradiology, a relatively new alternative to neurosurgery that can save and prolong the lives of patients with a number of life-threatening conditions.Interventional neuroradiology uses computer-guided imagery to insert a microcatheter in the groin area that is then threaded through the blood vessels leading to the brain. Through this access to the brain, interventional neuroradiologists can perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures, including: stroke treatment, by delivering clot-busting drugs directly to the site of the blockage; and aneurysm therapy through inserting platinum coils into the aneurysm bulge to prevent clotting and rupture. "Interventional neuroradiology adds a completely new dimension to stroke prevention at NYM," said Miran Salgado, M.D., chief of neurology at NYM. "With this service, our status has shifted from a primary to tertiary stroke care facility," he said.

This unique service comes to NYM with the recent staff addition of interventional neuroradiologist Danko Vidovich, M.D. "Through this procedure, we are able to assist patients in a way that reduces the risk for complications," said Dr. Vidovich. "With interventional neuroradiology, patients recover significantly faster; the procedure is precise, permanent and patients are able to go home within one to two days," he said.

"Providing interventional neuroradiology will allow patients to experience a full service radiology and neurology facility within their own communityóthat is very comforting for a patient undergoing a procedure," said Steven Garner, M.D., chairman of the Department of Radiology at NYM. "Having this service strengthens the Hospitalís ability to provide the best care for patients with neurological disorders," he said.

Dr. Garner''s vision to increase treatment options was what originally attracted Dr. Vidovich to NYM. "I was impressed with Dr. Garner''s leadership and desire to enhance the services offered at the Hospital," said Dr. Vidovich, who joins NYM after serving as director of interventional neuroradiology/endovascular surgery at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, JFK Medical Center.

"Dr. Vidovichís expertise in interventional neuroradiology is an integral part in the evolution of the neuroscience services at our Hospital, said Erico Cardoso, M.D., chief of neurosurgery at NYM. "We are very pleased to have Dr. Vidovich join our team; he and his work are the final piece to complete our neurological puzzle."

For more information on interventional neuroradiology, call New York Methodist Hospitalís Department of Radiology at 718-780-5760.