New York Methodist Hospital’s Center for Allied Health Education Bids Adieu to Graduates

Sep 8, 2010

Brooklyn, NY

New York Methodist Hospital's Center for Allied Health Education recently held its first joint graduation ceremony for students in four of its schools: the NYM School of Radiation Therapy Technology, the Bartone School of Radiography, the NYM School of Medical Technology and the EMS Institute. A total of 105 graduates were honored with heartfelt speeches and applause. The Honorable Yvonne J. Graham, Brooklyn's deputy borough president was the guest speaker at the event.

"I know that you are well prepared to meet the demands of your profession because New York Methodist has given you the skills to provide excellent patient care and a bank of knowledge to ensure your success as an allied health professional," said Ms. Graham.

A number of awards were presented to graduates for outstanding performance. The following were among the students who received awards,: Nicholas Harrison, valedictorian, EMS Institute-Paramedic Program; Heather Cunningham, award for academic excellence, EMS Institute-Paramedic Program; Anothai Vongprateep, award for excellence in biochemistry; School of Medical Technology; Crenstil Yeboah, award for excellence in hematology; Daniela Marangio, outstanding clinical performance award, School of Radiation Therapy; Michael Woods, valedictorian, School of Radiation Therapy; Kalina Chan, valedictorian, Bartone School of Radiography; and Harold Burgos, salutatorian, Bartone School of Radiography.

In 2007, New York Methodist Hospital unified its allied health education offerings and created the Center for Allied Health Education. Since then, the Center has expanded from the four original schools represented at the graduation ceremony to also include the School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the School of Surgical Technology and most recently a program that will train licensed practical nurses.

"Congratulations to all of you; you will have careers of which you can be very proud," said Jerry Rozenberg, director of New York Methodist Hospital's Center for Allied Health Education. "Your field requires special workers who can put their own needs aside and focus on patients. There is a need for your services and your future is bright. Go out into the world and help people."

For more information on the educational training programs available at the New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education, please click here or call 718-645-3500.