NYM Acquires "BrainLab" Guidance System

Nov 21, 2007

NYM Acquires "BrainLab" Guidance System


Date: November 21, 2007

Title: NYM Acquires "BrainLab" Guidance System

Health Topic: Neurology


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New York Methodist Hospital Acquires a "BrainLab" Guidance System

New York Methodist Hospital recently acquired a BrainLab system-a highly sophisticated navigation system that enables neurosurgeons to pinpoint the exact location on which they need to operate, thus allowing for heightened precision during spinal and cranial surgery. "This highly-advanced computerized equipment represents the latest advancement in minimally invasive neurosurgery," said Martin Zonenshayn, M.D., chief of neurosurgery at NYM.

This machinery is particularly helpful in operations such as brain tumor removal or correction of spinal fractures that require surgeons to operate on the brain or spine while minimizing any collateral damage to these important areas. "New York Methodist has always had excellent neurosurgeons that uphold the highest level of surgical accuracy," said Miran Salgado, M.D., chairman of the department of neurosciences. "This new machine will provide an enhancement to the strong service that the Hospital currently provides." Anthony Tortolani, M.D., chairman of the department of surgery, agrees that the machine will prove to be extremely beneficial to the Hospital. "This system will greatly aid the Hospital in its diagnosis and treatment of complex neurological disorders," said Dr. Tortolani.

An MRI or CT scan that is taken prior to the actual operation is electronically transmitted to the system. For cranial surgery, the system uses the contour of the patient''s face traced by a laser beam data to align the patient''s head to the MRI and CT scan. A pair of infrared cameras detects the placement of standard surgical instruments with respect to the patient''s head. The system then displays the location of these instruments on the preoperative CT or MRI scan in real-time. The overall effect of this complex series of events is to markedly enhance the safety and effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

The BrainLab system was purchased with funding from a Community Capital Assistance Program Grant from the State of New York that was designated for this purpose by the Hospital's Assembly Member, James Brennan.

For more information about neural or spinal surgery at New York Methodist Hospital or the department of neurosciences, please call 1 866 DO-NEURO.


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