New York Methodist Hospital Helps Men “Find the Right Solution”

Feb 4, 2009

Three men standing next to each other

From left, Ivan Grunberger, M.D., chief of urology, Larry Fisher, an ED success story who spoke at the lecture and Edward Zoltan, M.D., assistant attending physician in urology.

To help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) learn more about the condition and treatment options, the Division of Urology at New York Methodist Hospital recently sponsored the lecture "ED: Finding the Right Solution for You.". The lecture was given by Ivan Grunberger, M.D., chief of urology, and included a question and answer session.

ED is a fairly common condition that affects one in five men. Formerly called impotence, erectile dysfunction was once a taboo subject. It was considered a psychological issue or a natural consequence of growing older. These attitudes have changed in recent years. "In most men, erectile dysfunction is a physical problem", said Dr. Grunberger, "though there are psychological factors." Dr. Grunberger also added that the introduction, promotion and growing popularity of drugs like Viagra made it easier for men with ED to broach the subject with their doctors.

Common causes of ED include diabetes, heart disease, medications, surgery, spinal injury or a hormone imbalance. For many men, simple lifestyle changes (stress management, exercise, limiting alcohol intake, quitting smoking etc.) can decrease the risks of erectile dysfunction. Treatment options for ED range from oral medications to penile implants. The implant is ideal for patients who have not been satisfied with other, less invasive, treatments.

The Division of Urology at New York Methodist Hospital treats a wide range of urologic disorders that include erectile dysfunction, male infertility, benign prostate condition and urinary incontinence. A team of well trained urologists also conducts research studies to further improve treatment options for conditions like ED. For more information about urology services at the Hospital, call 718 230-7788.