New York Methodist Hospital Expands Its Hand Surgery Services

Jun 4, 2008

hand surgery

The hand and upper extremity surgeons at NYM discuss a case. From left; Joshua B. Hyman, M.D., plastic and reconstructive surgeon; Salil Gupta, M.D., co-chief of the division of hand surgery; Pamela Levine, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at NYM; and George P. Smith, M.D., co-chief of the division of hand surgery.

To provide an exceptional level of care for patients who are coping with hand, wrist and arm injuries, New York Methodist Hospital recently expanded its hand surgery services and hired two new specialists. "We are very pleased to welcome two new board certified orthopedic surgeons who are fellowship trained in hand and upper extremity surgery," said Anthony Tortolani, M.D., chairman of surgery at NYM. "This recent staff expansion enables the Hospital to provide immediate and specialized care for a vast array of hand-related issues." The hand surgery service at NYM includes orthopedic surgeons, Pamela Levine, M.D., and Salil Gupta, M.D., as well as plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Joshua B. Hyman, M.D., and George P. Smith, M.D.

All of the hand and upper extremity surgeons at NYM treat emergency cases, which ensures that patients receive urgent care when they need it. "Fingers can quickly grow stiff if an injury isn't treated right away," said Dr. Levine. "With early intervention, the hand surgeons at NYM can prevent scarring and loss of joint movement."

Surgeons in the Division of Hand Surgery provide a broad range of plastic and orthopedic treatments for various conditions, including severe hand infections, pediatric congenital anomalies involving the hand and wrist, burns, repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of the hand and wrist, and microvascular techniques for fingertip reconstruction and the repair of small digital nerves. "The Division of Hand Surgery at NYM covers the entire gamut of hand and wrist conditions," said Dr. Smith, who is co-chief of the division.

Surgeons in NYM's Division of Hand Surgery are also trained in the most current and innovative medical techniques. One example is a minimally invasive surgical technique called wrist arthroscopy. While performing this procedure, surgeons insert a tiny camera through a small incision in the skin, which allows them to view the cartilage surfaces of all the bones in the wrist and be more precise in the evaluation and repair of damaged ligaments, fractured bones, and the removal of ganglion cysts on the wrist. "The heightened precision and smaller incisions lead to faster recovery time and fewer post-operative complications," said Dr. Gupta, who is the other co-chief of the division.

Henry Tischler, M.D., chief of orthopedic surgery at NYM, added, "From repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, to burns and severe cuts, hand and upper extremity injuries impact people of all ages. The Hospital's hand and upper extremity surgery services provide an invaluable resource to many of our patients in the Brooklyn area."

For more information regarding the Division of Hand Surgery at New York Methodist Hospital, please call 877-DOCS-14U (877-362-7148).