New Chief of Geriatrics and Palliative Care

Jan 12, 2011

Brooklyn, NY

Florence Shadlen, MD, chief or geriatrics and palliative care at New York Methodist.

Florence Shadlen, MD, recently joined New York Methodist Hospital's Department of Medicine as chief of geriatrics and palliative care medicine. Dr. Shadlen joins the Hospital after serving as chief of geriatrics at the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System's Brooklyn campus. She is board-certified in both internal and geriatric medicine. Dr. Shadlen received her medical degree from Brown University. She completed fellowships in geriatric medicine at Brown and Stanford University.

At New York Methodist, Dr. Shadlen will head the Hospital's new palliative care program, which is designed to optimize care for patients with serious illnesses through patient and family-centered collaboration. Palliative care, a relatively new branch of medicine, is specialized care that enhances quality of life by anticipating and addressing the pain, symptoms and stress of advanced illness. The program addresses medical, physical, functional, and spiritual problems that cause suffering. "A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that people receiving palliative care live longer than those who have not received the benefits of a team approach to enhance their quality of life," said Dr. Shadlen.

Candidates for palliative care include patients who are frequently hospitalized, need expert control of pain and distressing symptoms, need assistance in maintaining independence despite frailty and many illnesses, and/or, need psychological and spiritual support to cope with advanced illness.

"The palliative care team ensures that patients and their loved ones are supported during the illness," said Dr. Shadlen. "We provide consultations and continuity of care both in the Hospital and in the outpatient clinic setting."

Emil Baccash, MD, attending physician who specializes in geriatric medicine, and president of NYM's medical board, added, "Having a palliative care team in place at the Hospital provides optimum care and support for patients and their family members."

For more information, contact the Division of Palliative Care at 718-780-5272.