Mind, Body, and Brain Become One at New York Methodist Hospital

Aug 4, 2010

Brooklyn, NY

Although research shows that roughly 50 percent of all neurological patients experience some type of psychiatric issue such as depression, New York Methodist Hospital is one of only a few institutions in the metropolitan area to integrate neurology, rehabilitation medicine and psychiatry into one department thus providing patients with comprehensive care. "Because there is a high prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients with neurological illnesses, it seems only logical to place neurology, rehabilitation medicine and psychiatry under one umbrella, said Miran Salgado, M.D., chairman of the newly formed Department of Neurosciences at NYM. "This is a new and innovative idea that will greatly benefit patients because it will facilitate communication and cooperation among the three disciplines, said Ayn Steele, who, as administrative director of neurosciences, will facilitate and coordinate the division of rehabilitation medicine, neurology and psychiatry.

"The synergy between psychiatry and neurosciences is a "no-brainer; the mind and the brain have to co-exist, added Jessy Colah, M.D., who was recently appointed chief of psychiatry and vice chairman of neurosciences at NYM. Dr. Colah's entire professional career, spanning more than two decades, has been devoted to serving the people of Brooklyn and his new position is no exception. "I am excited about having the opportunity to grow and expand the already strong division of psychiatry at New York Methodist Hospital, he said.

The Hospital's division of psychiatry includes a 25-bed inpatient adult unit, a 25-bed inpatient geriatric unit and various out-patient and consultation services. The Hospital's psychiatric services bring together the best of contemporary biological psychiatry and the most effective psychotherapy strategies. In addition to medical treatment, NYM offers psychotherapeutic techniques, psychological testing, neuropsychological assessment, group psychotherapy and activity therapies for patients on the adult and geriatric units. "Our goal is to provide comprehensive care through a holistic approach that meets the needs of patients and their families, said Dr. Colah.

To accomplish this, NYM's board certified psychiatrists and licensed clinical psychologists are joined by a specialized team of skilled psychiatric nurses, social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and now, neurologists. "Through the collaboration of various specialties at the Hospital, we are able to treat a broader spectrum of mental health disorders and thus help to provide peace of mind for patients at NYM, said Amar Ghorpade, M.D., the new associate chief of psychiatry at NYM.

For more information on psychiatry, neurology and/or rehabilitation medicine at NYM or for referral to a physician, please call the Hospital's Institute for Neurosciences (toll free) 866-DO-NEURO (866-366-3876).