Local Resident Receives 2006 Nurse of Distinction Award

Jun 15, 2006

  June 15, 2006

Local Resident Receives 2006 Nurse of Distinction Award


Nurses save lives, rescue patients and do for others what they can not do for themselves, said Barbara Gruenburg, R.N., C.C.R.N., M.S., a cardiothoracic intensive care unit nurse at New York Methodist Hospital. Ms. Gruenburg, a resident of Park Slope, was recently chosen by her peers to receive the 2006 Nurse of Distinction Award at the annual Nurse of Distinction Award Ceremony. The celebration honors registered nurses, nurse technicians and unit secretaries who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist those in need.

Ms. Gruenburg, an NYM employee since 1990, has spent the past 26 years nursing patients. Over the years, the profession has changed a lot, said Ms. Gruenburg. The patients ask more of us because they know all of the amazing things that nurses can do, she said. Ms. Gruenburg brings the very special gift of mentoring to the field of nursing, said Maureen J. Lindie, R.N., M.A., senior vice president for nursing at NYM. Among the many heart-warming words shared about Ms. Gruenburgs work, Ms. Lindie said, When she is on duty, everyone feels safe you can feel that when you walk onto the floor.

Words of praise and applause were not only given to Ms. Gruenburg, but also to Ms. Lindie, also a resident of Park Slope, who will soon retire from her position at NYM. Ms. Lindie has been an employee at the Hospital for the past 18 years. To understand what nursing truly is all about, all you have to do is look at Maureen Lindie, said Stanley Sherbell, M.D., executive vice president for medical affairs at NYM, during the ceremony. Dr. Sherbell described three words that he felt portrayed her dedication to nursing: passion, integrity and caring. To me, she will always be the nurse of distinction and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her, he concluded.

Myriam Soto, R.N., M.A., director of staff education management at NYM, was also recognized at the ceremony for having been selected by the Johnson and Johnson Foundation for her accomplishments in the nursing profession. Ms. Soto, who lives in Bay Ridge, was recently profiled in Johnson and Johnson''s television campaign supporting nursing and featured in a New York Times Magazine article on diversity in nursing.

Three women holding a plaque
Pictured from left, Rebecca Flood, R.N., associate director for nursing at NYM, Barbara Gruenberg, R.N., 2006 Nurse of Distinction, and Maureen J. Lindie, R.N., senior vice president for nursing at NYM.