Lawrence Hospital Center Supports Safe Baby Sleeping Initiative

Dec 4, 2012

Bronxville, NY

Lawrence Hospital Center has partnered with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office to create “The ABC’s of Safe Sleeping” video. The five minute video in both English and Spanish, guides new parents and caregivers through a series of safe sleeping practices for baby. The video was developed in response to the Westchester County Child Fatality Review’s report which found that 26 infants died because of unsafe sleeping environments. All 26 of the infants were no more than a few weeks old. Although the cause and circumstances of their deaths were specific to each case, a number of troubling similarities surfaced:

  • the use of inappropriate bedding,
  • the use of pillows or stuffed animals in the sleeping area,
  • sleeping in an adult bed with one or more individuals,
  • the use of drugs or alcohol by adults before bedtime.

On Tuesday, December 4th at 11am inside Lawrence Hospital Center’s new Post-Partum Unit, the Westchester County District Attorney, Janet DiFiore; Edward M. Dinan, President and CEO of Lawrence Hospital; and leaders from seven other Westchester hospitals will participate in a news conference where they will unveil the new video and other educational tools.

“At Lawrence Hospital Center we deliver nearly two thousand babies each year,” said Mr. Dinan. “We work with mothers from pre-pregnancy through delivery to do all we can to bring healthy babies into the world. It only makes sense that we take the added step and join in with our District Attorney, Janet DiFiore to support the creation and promotion of “The ABC’s of Safe Sleeping” video to educate parents and caregivers about the dangers of unsafe sleeping habits. This is about saving babies lives, and we’ll be taking this message directly to every one of our maternity patients.”