Fire Quickly Contained and Extinguished at New York Methodist Hospital

Jun 6, 2015

At approximately 11:15 this morning, a fire started in a trash chute in the Carrington Pavilion at New York Methodist Hospital. The fire appears to have resulted from soldering during a necessary repair of the trash chute.

The fire was immediately contained and put out; however, it caused a great deal of smoke, which traveled up and down the chute. All Hospital visitors were asked to leave the buildings. Patients in the smoke-filled areas were temporarily evacuated to other areas but, following approval of the FDNY, they were returned to their rooms.

It does not appear that any patients were injured. A few employees have been checked in the Emergency Department for minor smoke inhalation issues.

Smoke and water damage to the buildings is currently being assessed. Telecommunications and the Hospital's computer system have been impacted in some areas. Additional staff members are on the inpatient units to ensure safety.

Patient care is NYM's first priority and is ongoing as are normal Hospital operations.

The Department of Facilities anticipates that repairs to the buildings will take several days to complete.

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