Council Member Michael Nelson Speaks at NYM’s Center for Allied Health Education Graduation Ceremony

Sep 14, 2011

Michael Nelson at AHE graduation

Nicole Marie Cook, valedictorian of NYM's School of Clinical Laboratory Science, with Albert Packard, MS, MT, program director of the School of Clinical Laboratory Science.

New York Methodist Hospital's Center for Allied Health Education recently held a joint graduation ceremony for students in five of its schools. The Honorable Michael Nelson, New York City Council Member for District 48, where the Center for Allied Health Education is located, was the guest speaker. The schools in the ceremony included the Bartone School of Radiography, the NYM School of Radiation Therapy, the NYM School of Clinical Laboratory Science, the NYM School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and the EMS Institute. A total of 145 graduates received diplomas.

"You have made a wise choice in pursuing a career in health care and in choosing to receive your training at the New York Methodist Hospital's Center for Allied Health Education," said Council Member Nelson. "Health care is much more than a job. It is one of the most rewarding careers, where you really make a critical difference." Other speakers at the ceremony included Jerry Rozenberg, director of the Center and Lyn S. Hill, vice president for communication and external affairs at NYM.

A number of awards were presented to graduates for outstanding performance. The following were among those who were honored at the event: Bartone School of Radiology: Nicole M. Dickow, valedictorian; Joseph Bynum, Tai Nguyen and Andrew Shapiro, academic excellence award; Mariya Mavasheva, the Vincent Moratta patient care award; Lisa Mah, clinical educator award; and Jerrilyn LoBello, the Edward Mallinckrodt award of excellence. The NYM School of Radiation Therapy: Ju Yang Zhang, valedictorian; Kristina Joseph, academic excellence award; and Jackie Adams, clinical educator award. The NYM School of Clinical Laboratory Science: Nicole Cook, valedictorian, award for excellence in microbiology and clinical laboratory science; Ada Ng, award for excellence in biochemistry; Laura De Oliviera, award for excellence in immunology; Linaben Patel, award for excellence in blood banking; and Yelena Chekoff, award for excellence in hematology. The NYM School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography: Elky Steinmetz, valedictorian; Kareen Oxenhoren, academic excellence award; and Min Yan Schuck, clinical educator award. The EMS Institite - Paramedic Program: Daniel Fischer and Hersh Rimler, valedictorians; Katherine Riffey, Evan Robinson, Christopher Root and Naftali Sent, academic excellence award; and Daniel Betancourt, Danny Burgos, and Moshe Stein, award for clinical excellence.

Council Member Michael Nelson, of District 48

Council Member Michael Nelson, of District 48.

In 2007, New York Methodist Hospital reorganized all of its allied health educational programs and created the Center for Allied Health Education. The Center occupies 13,000 square feet of state of the art educational space. The facility includes seven classrooms, 11 lab rooms, a 25-computer-station library, a student lounge, a faculty lounge/office and a large administrative suite. The facility has laboratory equipment necessary to enhance the different educational programs including but not limited to: x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, microscopes, EMS equipment, venipuncture arms and CPR and First Aid equipment.

"Always remember the human factor," said Council Member Nelson. "You will be providing a service to those dealing with medical uncertainty, and the resulting feelings of vulnerability. Having chosen this career, I'm sure that each of you will treat each patient with kindness, empathy, and compassion."

For more information on the educational training programs available at the New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education, please visit the Hospital's website at (click on "For Health Professionals" then "Allied Health Education") or call 718-645-3500.

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