Assembly Member James Brennan D-Brooklyn is Resident for a Day at NYM

Oct 22, 2007

Assembly Member James Brennan (D-Brooklyn) is Resident for a Day at NYM

Date: 10/22/2007

On September 26, Assembly Member James Brennan (D-Brooklyn) became a   "Resident for a Day" at New York Methodist Hospital.  The "Resident for a Day" program was created by the Greater New York Hospital Association, to highlight the importance of graduate medical education and training in New York State.

As a teaching hospital, New York Methodist Hospital has nine graduate medical education programs (in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, anesthesia, radiation oncology, emergency medicine, podiatry and dental medicine).  Over two hundred resident physicians are trained at NYM each year and these physicians also provide medical care for many of Assembly Member Brennan''s constituents. Assembly Member Brennan was briefed by Mark Mundy, president and CEO of New York Methodist Hospital and other members of the Hospital's administrative staff on the importance of training the next generation of physicians as well as the crucial role residents play in the functioning of the Hospital. He then set out to spend a day in their shoes, or lab coats as it were. The rookie resident''s day started with attendance at the Internal Medicine Morning Report, during which open cases are discussed with fellow residents and an attending physician.

He then sat in on the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology''s Grand Rounds, where a guest speaker presents a lecture to residents and attending physicians on a topic in their specialty – in this case, "Diagnosis of Prenatal Anomalies." There followed a session in the cardiology clinic, where residents evaluated cardiology patients and presented their findings to the attending physician. 

Assembly Member Brennan ended his day as a NYM resident with rounds in both the pediatric unit and the emergency department.