A Grand Opening – NYM Celebrates New Center for Sleep Disorders

Apr 4, 2013


On Wednesday, April 3, New York Methodist Hospital officially cut the ribbon on its new Center for Sleep Disorders facility at a ceremony attended by the Hospital's administration and staff. In its previous facility, NYM's Center for Sleep Disorders already conducted over 1,200 sleep studies per year for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems, and it is projected that the new Center will accommodate up to 2,000 studies annually. The facility is the culmination of an 18-month project, the end-goal of which was to make an overnight stay in a cutting-edge laboratory with advanced technology behind the walls feel, to the patient, as much like a good night's sleep at home as possible.

"Over 40 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder, and each day, we hear more about the impact it has on both our personal health and our society in general," said Mark J. Mundy, president and CEO of New York Methodist Hospital, at the ceremony. "With the help of NYM's team of sleep experts, this marvelous facility will help us do our part to make a dent in those numbers, and help our patients live longer, happier lives."

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