Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Pediatric Tumor and Bone Disease Center

Complete Care for Bone Tumors and Other Bone Diseases in Children

If your child has a bone tumor or other bone disease, he or she will receive the best care at an academic medical center like NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. Our dedicated pediatric orthopedic specialists are known around the world for their expertise in caring for young patients, using treatments based on the latest medical findings. We oversee every aspect of your child's care, from the initial diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation. Your child's team also includes leaders in basic science and clinical research who contribute to the field to help patients everywhere. Your child will benefit from:

  • A Team Approach: We bring together all of the doctors, nurses, rehabilitation medicine specialists, and other healthcare professionals your child needs. The team is led by a world leader in the research and treatment of bone tumors. Your child's team works together to assemble a customized plan of care that puts him or her on the best path to recovery.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Our specialists treat children with all types of cancerous and noncancerous bone diseases, including primary and metastatic bone tumors and soft-tissue sarcomas (collaborating with NewYork-Presbyterian's cancer specialists), avascular necrosis, genetic diseases related to fractures (such as osteogenesis imperfecta), bone infections such as osteomyelitis, cartilage disorders, limb length discrepancies, and defects related to deficiencies in collagen, calcium, and vitamins.
  • An Accurate Diagnosis: We have all the tools needed to diagnose your child's bone disease, including state-of-the-art imaging tests, pediatric bone density testing, specialized blood and urine tests for diagnostic markers, and expert genetic evaluations and genetic counseling (if your child might have a genetic disease that affects the bones).
  • Experience with the Most Complex Surgeries: Our pediatric orthopedic surgeons are experts in complex reconstructive surgical techniques, including the placement of custom-designed expanding tumor prostheses for growing children and the reconstruction of large bone or muscle defects resulting from the removal of large bone tumors. Our doctors are also specialists in limb-sparing surgery in children with bone tumors, with the goal of avoiding amputation whenever possible.
  • Leaders in Research: Our investigators are leading federally funded pace-setting basic science research and clinical research to learn more about bone tumors, sarcomas, and outcomes in children treated for bone and soft-tissue tumors.

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