Psychotherapy Services: Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Psychotherapy Services:

Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Holistic Wellness for Healthcare Workers

The Creative Arts Therapists at NYP understand the importance of wellbeing for staff, which can contribute to greater job satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and improved healthcare outcomes for patients. We have created and established a series of wellness initiatives throughout the hospital that target the social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and occupational facets of wellbeing. These initiatives are tailored to each unit and their specific needs.

Holistic Wellness Interventions for Healthcare Workers

We offer the following single sessions or monthly services that are not limited to:

  • Department Tapping
  • Drumming for wellness and stress reduction
  • Art making for processing
  • Music making for processing
  • Music and visualization
  • Environmental music therapy on units
  • Music and Art for moral distress, compassion fatigue, and burnout reduction
  • Guided Imagery and Art making
  • Music and meditation
  • Bob Ross’ painting groups
  • Mindful ‘Doodling’ to increase focus
  • Art and Music for improving teamwork, departmental collaboration, and communication

If you are a NYP/CUIMC employee and would like to incorporate a creative arts therapy approach to wellness in your department, contact:

Susanne M. Bifano: ​[email protected]
Gabriela Asch-Ortiz: ​[email protected]

creative therapy art

Current Wellness Collaborations with Creative Arts Therapy

Monthly Therapeutic Art Making Group for Nurses in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic - This group uses therapeutic art making aimed to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue, and address the trauma exposure response for health care workers.

Monthly Staff Wellness Series in the Pediatric Emergency Department - Targets moral distress, burnout, trauma exposure response, professional satisfaction, and stress overload.

  • Ten-minute tapping Tuesdays: Tapping is a self-applied technique that targets the stress response by tapping on specific meridian endpoints.
  • Wellness 30: is thirty minutes of wellness strategies such as guided imagery, breath work, and mindful art making.

creative therapy art

creative therapy art

Virtual Power Wednesday Wellness Series - These monthly tapping sessions for the Pediatric Department Employees at Columbia University Irving Medical Center are aimed to increase provider resilience, and reduce emotional discomfort around uncertainty, anxiety, and moral distress.

Environmental Music Therapy - This program functions as a way for staff members, patients and family caregivers to develop an overall sense of safety and security in the sonic environment. Literature contends that hospitals contain an abundance of sound pollution or negative sounds, which places additional stress on the patient, family caregiver and staff physical and psychological equilibrium. ICU’s in particular, appear to be at greater risk for environmental stress due to excessive sound levels and/or ambient noise created by the environment, including alarms from monitors, medical machines, talking and patient care. As such, environmental music therapy focuses on offering a method for altering these negative or sterile soundscapes in order to create more ideal spaces for development of health and wellbeing between the individual and his/her/their physical environment(s).

staff memeber in tapping class

Staff Tapping for Stress Reduction - Tapping sessions for residents, nurses on 5T, and Rehab Medicine. Tapping is a self-applied technique that targets the stress response by tapping on specific meridian acupoints.