Medical Group Brooklyn

NewYork Presbyterian Medical Group Brooklyn

3417 Kings Highway

We offer 20 specialties, including primary care, ob/gyn, cardiology, general surgery and more. The office is centrally located in the Midwood and Flatlands area, in close proximity to Marine Park, Mill Basin and the Flatbush neighborhoods. The office is easily accessible by car or public transportation and has an elevator to access all floors.


Our Team

1st Floor

Obstetrics & Gynecology

2nd Floor

Primary Care

  • Nermin Sihly , MD

3rd Floor

Colorectal Surgery

  • Hans Burkholder, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Asad Siddiqi, MD

Contact Us

646-967-2000 1st Floor Phone

646-967-2001 1st Floor Fax

646-967-2020 2nd Floor Phone

646-967-2040 2nd Floor Fax

646-967-2030 3rd Floor Phone

646-967-2039 3rd Floor Fax