The Travel Medicine program of NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital provides a range of health and medical services designed to prepare business or pleasure-seeking travelers with appropriate vaccinations and educational information. The comprehensive program offers destination-specific travel precautions and diagnosis and treatment of travel-related diseases.

Travel medicine experts provide vaccinations for specific countries of destination; inform clients of necessary precautions to take with foods, water, and hygiene; and will alert clients of seasonal precautions and appropriate preparations to take for a comfortable and enjoyable visit abroad.

It is recommended that travelers see a physician at least two to four weeks prior to departure in order to receive the optimal protection provided by immunizations. However, adequate protection can usually be provided on shorter notice in emergency situations.

The Travel Medicine program offers:

  • vaccine information
  • certificate requirements
  • travel advisories
  • health tips
  • treatment upon return for possible illness or infection

All NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital physicians are on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College. Within the familiar setting of their community hospital, patients experience a level of care found in a leading academic medical center.

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