Congenital heart disease is a heart problem that a person is born with. It means that the heart’s structure — for example, its walls or valves — did not develop properly before birth. More than a million American adults live with congenital heart disease. Many were diagnosed as infants and had surgery or other treatment as a child. Others don’t know they have congenital heart disease until they develop symptoms as adults, like shortness of breath or an abnormal heartbeat.

No matter the cause or the age of diagnosis, people with congenital heart disease need continued care and treatment throughout their lives. It can be difficult for adults to find heart specialists familiar with their particular anatomy and problems--NewYork-Presbyterian has one of the few programs in the country with the depth and breadth of expertise to address the complexity of congenital heart disease in adults.

Our Approach to Congenital Heart Disease Care

Our Approach

Our highly trained heart specialists understand congenital heart disease’s unique physiological, anatomical, and clinical features at all ages. Your care team includes physicians, surgeons, and genetic experts specializing in adult congenital heart disease. They’re experts in echocardiography, interventional cardiac catheterization, interventional electrophysiology, complex congenital heart surgery, and heart transplantation.

With this team approach, we address the complex needs of people with adult congenital heart disease at three centers where you can receive treatment in a hospital setting designed for adults without having to stay in a children’s hospital:

Comprehensive Care for the Most Complex Cases

Comprehensive Care

Our physicians and surgeons can help with even the most complex cases — many referred from other hospitals — restoring function and quality of life to people worldwide. We also have programs for people with special needs, such as pregnant women with congenital heart disease.

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Our experienced heart specialists understand the symptoms and treatments for congenital heart disease in adults. We offer medical and surgical approaches to treatment for the many types of congenital heart disease. Schedule an appointment for cardiovascular care at one of our world-renowned centers.