Philanthropy in Action

Traveling at the Speed of Generosity

by Spencer Simpson, NYP Development Communications

Michael Crow

Michael Crow is an avid motorcyclist raising funds for the Lang Youth Medical Program

For Michael Crow, there is no greater duty than giving back to your community, especially when you can do so by crossing the country on a motorcycle.

Michael found camaraderie among the dynamic Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club’s (PLEMC) Long Island Division—a brotherhood of riders that would greatly support him when he discovered he could help NewYork-Presbyterian’s Lang Youth Medical Program (LYMP) by riding across the country. 

A native New Yorker, Michael’s relationship with NYP was quite standard for most of his life. “Over the years, family members have visited and been treated at some of the NYP facilities,” he recalls. “During my visits, I learned of the hospital’s affiliation with medical schools and how NYP is a leader in innovative research and medical education.” 

The relationship deepened when, inspired by the work of his daughter, a teacher in northern Manhattan, Michael became curious about educational programs throughout the city. “A professor once told me, ‘They can take away your home, your money, etc., but they cannot take away your education. Education enriches lives and helps people grow,” Michael explains.

Michael Crow and some friends on the open road

Michael decided to learn more about local programs that empower children and families—eventually coming across LYMP.

Established in 2003, NYP’s Lang Youth program is a six-year science enrichment journey that prepares students in the Washington Heights and Inwood school districts for college, careers in healthcare, and to become leaders who give back to their communities.

Michael knew instantly that a ride on his motorcycle would be the perfect way to support the innovative work of LYMP. “PLEMC is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization that is active in numerous charitable causes and fundraising efforts for individuals, families, and organizations. A high percentage of people share the love, passion, and thrill of motorcycles. Whether they ride or not, it is extremely difficult to ignore the shiny metal and the unique sound of a bike. I really cannot think of a better way to raise money than by incorporating the two together.”

Michael Crow and some companions on a trip

Michael’s first ride, on April 20, covers 1,000 miles in fewer than 24 hours, from New York to the Carolinas and back, documented with GoPro footage and GPS tracking.

“Being a part of the Punishers has reminded me that every day is a gift and it is so important to balance work, family, communities, our club, and, of course, what we love to do, which is ride our motorcycles,” Michael says. “It’s being part of something larger than any one individual and knowing that anyone’s part is creating an important cog in the organization.”

Michael aims to support LYMP with future rides as well. “As one gets older, it is not about the money or the car that you drive, but you realize that real fortune is derived from health and family. Having the opportunity to help people in need is so important in this world.”

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