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NewYork Weill Cornell Council's Fall Lecture

Immunotherapy: A Paradigm Shift for Cancer Patients

by Spencer Simpson, NYP Development Communications

3 Things to Know About Immunotherapy and Cancer

Dr, Jedd Wolchok presents at the 2023 NYWCC Fall lecture

You can view a full recording of the presentation here.

Every year, the NewYork Weill Cornell Council hosts a fall lecture for its membership of supporters of NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine to learn about the latest advancements pushing medicine forward from some of healthcare's leading minds. This year's installment, titled "Immunotherapy: A Paradigm Shift for Cancer Patients", was presented by Jedd D. Wolchok, MD, PhD, FAACR, FASCO, the Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. This presentation offered insights on how cancers challenge the body, advances in the study of immunotherapy, and more, including:

  • The immune system is capable of distinguishing between foreign and self-occurring presences in the body, often utilizing the body's T-cells as the first line of defense in a multistep process involving several mechanisms and molecules.

  • Metastatic melanoma is one of several kinds of skin cancer and the most common cause of skin cancer-related deaths.

  • Immunotherapy is a growing part of precision medicine, often employed when dealing with cancers that are defying other types of treatment due to the unique genomic structures of both the disease and the specialized responses the body's immune system employs when immunotherapy is introduced. 


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