Digestive Care Innovations Hub

Personalized Care & Precision Medicine

In the past, digestive disorders that could not be well-managed with medication required conventional open surgery performed through large incisions. Today, many of these illnesses can be treated using minimally invasive approaches that make small incisions and, in many cases, no external incisions at all. Some of these procedures will allow you to go home the same day and avoid complications, infections, and higher costs. Our doctors also use minimally invasive surgery to free patients from their reliance on medications and restore comfort and quality of life.


Gut bacteria

Targeting the Gut to Improve Health

Our guts are also teeming with "friendly" bacteria that are not only harmless but essential for good health. Our doctors are studying how these bacterial can affect blood glucose levels and brain health.

mobile health tracker

An App to Improve Outcomes for Patients with GI Cancer

An app developed for patients undergoing abdominal cancer surgery to monitor their health before and after the procedure.


Precision Medicine to Treat Patients with NAFLD

We are using patients' genes to understand NAFLD better and develop better strategies to prevent the increasing rates of liver failure.